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OEM and ODM service
FAXI provides OEM and ODM service for all customers.We have a professional research and development team and technical talents.Solve various product or technical problems for you.

Pre-sale service

Before products selling,the sales staff will introduce the products to customers through various ways such as email and telephone. The customers have the intention to order, and provide the confirmation of parameters to the customers.

On-purchase service

1.After signing the contract, we will carry out the contract carefully, communicate to the workshop according to the customer's demand and arrange production.
2.Feedback the performance and progress of the contract to the customer from time to time. If the customer needs to change, timely communication and handling.After confirmation, it will be sent to the production workshop.
3.The final products are all completed, the shipment is communicated and all the customs clearance materials are provided (if the customs clearance documents have special needs, the customer proposes, we will arrange, such as the need for form-e and CO, etc.)

After-sales service

1.Sales staff collect customer feedback on product problems, timely inform our after-sales team.The after-sales team deals with problems, serves customers effectively and timely, and obtains customers' continuous satisfaction.

2.In case of major product problems, relevant departments will meet in time to discuss and propose solutions.Effectively solve customers' problems.
3. After the meeting, customers try our proposed solution and there were still some problems.We will provide on-site service.And machine return repair processing.
4.All machine problems are recorded in the after-sales department to avoid the occurrence of such problems next time.
5.Sales department personnel are responsible for registration of customers letter, calls and visit and customer input should be passed to the relevant departments in time.

Quality Assurance

We have a professional quality inspection team,incoming inspection, inspection before shipment.     

1.All parts of the motor comes, the warehouse will be put into storage only after the quality inspector checks that there is no quality problem.
2.Each installation procedure has special inspectors, and problems will be dealt with in time to ensure that the products of each process have no problems.
3.After the machine is completed, there are special inspectors to check and accept the machine.
4.After passing the inspection, provide the inspection report in the packing box, affix the inspection label and then arrange the delivery.

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