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Tractor Classified According To Speed
Jan 14, 2016

1. geared machine: driving device of power, passes through intermediate reducer onto the sheave of the tractor, worm drive gear box is usually used (also useful for helical gear), this exchange of traction motors, DC, commonly used for low-speed elevator. Traction is usually 35:2. If the traction motor on the power through the gearbox to the sheave, called a geared machine, commonly used for 2. 5M/s the following low-speed lift.

2. MRL: actuator dynamics, without intermediate reducer but pass directly onto the sheave of the tractor. Previously most of this tractor is a DC motor as a driving force, has been developed in China now have independent intellectual property rights of AC permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. Traction is usually 2:1 and 1:1. 320kg~2000kg truck, ladder speed 0.3M/s~4.00m/s. If motor power direct drive without gearbox onto the sheave is called a gearless, commonly used for 2. More than 5M/s high speed elevators and ultra high speed elevator.

3. flexible drive tractor

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