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Traction Motor
Jan 14, 2016

Elevator traction motor is AC motors and DC motors, traction motor drive elevator travels up and down the power source. Potential energy of the elevator is a typical load. According to the nature of the work, Elevator traction motor should have the following characteristics:

1, frequently starting and braking: braking times per hour in the elevator runs more than 100 times, up to 180~240 times per hour, so the elevator should be able to frequent, braking of the motor, it works for intermittent periodic duty.

2, smaller starting current: AC motor for elevator on the design and manufacture of the squirrel-cage rotor, while still using low-resistivity materials guide, but rotor short circuit ring are made with material with high resistivity, the rotor winding resistance improved. So, on the one hand reduces the starting current, to reduce starting current to the rated current of the 2. 5~3. About 5 times, so as to increase the allowed number of starts per hour on the other, due to the large short circuit of rotor end-ring resistance, which distributed heat directly, the composite effect causes the temperature rise of the motor decreases. And ensure the adequate torque, typically rated torque of 2. About 5 times. However, compared with the normal AC motors, its mechanical properties hardness and efficiency decreased slip also increased to 0. 1~0. 2. Mechanical properties of soft, speed range, and when working at a stall torque, it will not burn motor.

3, low motor noise: to reduce motor noise and plain bearings. In addition, increasing the effective diameter of the stator core, and stator core lamination shapes are for proper disposal.

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