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Jan 14, 2016

Rope on a sheave is tractor wheels, also known as traction sheave or drive sheave. Is passing traction power device for elevators, traction rope and sheave grooves on the edge of the friction power, installed on the worm gear shaft of reducer. MRL mounted on the brake side, and the motor shafts, brake shafts in the same axis.

(1) the sheave of the material and structural requirements

① materials and technology requirements: due to the sheave to bear cabin, loads, heavy device all dynamic and static loads, and therefore requests that the sheave strength, good toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, so QT60-2 of nodular cast iron in your materials. In order to reduce the traction wire ropes in the sheave grooves wear, apart from choosing the right tank type, working surface of Groove roughness, hardness should be a reasonable request.

② the diameter of the sheave: sheave diameter is greater than the diameter of the wire rope 40 times. In practice, generally take 45~55 times, sometimes more than 60 times. In order to reduce the tractor size, gear reduction ratio increases, so the size should be appropriate.

③ sheave type: integral sheave is split into two parts, the middle wheel cylinder (drum), wheels made from outside-grooves on the cutting wheel, outer ring and inner wheel cylinder Kit, bolts and hinges are bound together into a whole sheave. The sheave shaft is the worm gear shaft of reducer. (2) the sheave grooves: trailing bow towing power move the elevator in the old areas are dependent on traction rope and the friction force between the sheave grooves.

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