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Permanent Magnet Machine
Jan 14, 2016

1, and efficient energy-saving, and drive system dynamic performance good: used multipolar speed directly drive of PM synchronization tractor, without huge of mechanical drive efficiency only for 70% around of worm, and worm deceleration gear box; and induction motor compared, without from grid draw no work current, thus power factor high; for no exciting winding no exciting loss, so fever small, thus without fan, and no wind motorcycle consumption, efficiency high; used magnetic field directed vector transform control, has and DC motor as excellent of turned moment control characteristics, up, and Braking current is significantly lower than that of induction motors, motor power and inverter capacity required has been reduced.

2, stable running, low noise: direct drive at low speed, the bearing noise is low, no fan, no noise worm. Low noise 5~10 DB, reduce noise pollution to the environment.

3, save space: no huge gear box, no excitation winding, high performance ND-Fe-b permanent magnet material, motor small in volume, light weight, can reduce the room or no room.

4, long life, safe and reliable: motor without brushes and slip rings, long service life, and no gearbox oil, less pollution.

5, low operation and maintenance cost: no brush, no gearbox, maintenance is simple.

Geared traction machine, absolute advantage of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with energy saving and environmental protection, this Europe Japan early cognitive, recently in the Chinese industry is also discussed. In addition to the above client can obviously recognize the advantages, in the security level: because of its simplified structure, characteristics of rigid straight brake, provides full-time overspeed protection capability for uplink and downlink, counter electromotive force characteristics of permanent magnet motors, effect to the self-locking worm, for passengers with elevator system with multi-layer security protection. At the application level: permanent magnet synchronous traction machine compact and thin features, configuration of elevator arrangements and paired with integrated space between buildings, greatly enhanced, it is believed that architects design space provides more flexibility, and indirectly improve the function and quality in building space using.

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