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Introduction Of Traction Motor
Jan 14, 2016

On the locomotive or train used to drive one or a few donglunzhou motor. There are many types of traction motors, DC traction motors, AC traction motors and synchronous AC traction motors, and so on. DC traction motors, especially DC series motor has good speed performance and operating characteristics, meet the need of traction characteristics, widely used. Traction motor of work principle and General DC motor same, but has special of work conditions: space size by gauge and gear diameter of limit; in locomotive run through rail sewing and turnout Shi to bear quite big of impact vibration; big, and small gear meshing bad Shi electric armature Shang will produced strongly of reverse vibration; in bad environment in the using, rain, and snow, and gray sand easy invaded,. So traction motor in design and structure Shang also has many requirements, as to full using body internal space makes structure compact, to used high level of insulation material and guide magnetic material, parts needed has high of mechanical strength and stiffness, whole Taiwan Motor needed has good of ventilation thermal conditions and dust moisture capacity, to take special of measures to meet compared difficult of "reversing" conditions to reduced carbon brush Xia of Sparks,.

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