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Jan 14, 2016

Coupling is connected devices of the traction motor shaft and gearbox worm shaft, continue to pass from one axis to another shaft torque and brake device of brake wheel. The traction motor shaft end and the Decelerator worm shaft end at the junction.

Motor shaft and gear reducer on the worm shaft is on the same axis, drive worm shaft to rotate when the motor is rotated, but they are two different parts, need to connect them with appropriate methods on the same axis, maintain a certain degree requirements coaxial.

Coupling type:

Rigid coupling: for worm axle bearing frame, rigid couplings are commonly used, because the shaft and bearing clearance is large, rigid couplings helps stability of the worm shaft rotation. Rigid couplings require a high degree of concentricity between the two axis, misalignment after the connection should not be greater than 0.02mm.

Flexible coupling due to rubber blocks in the coupling in elastic deformation occurs when the transmitted torque, which can to some extent automatically adjusting motor shaft concentricity with the worm shaft, thus allowing installation has a larger concentric (tolerance 0. 1mm), makes it easy for installation and maintenance, while the effects of flexible coupling on vibration in the drive has to slow.

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