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2016.6 Our Research And Development Team Start To Develop Strict Drive Machine(Helical Gear+ PMS Motor)
May 15, 2017

Patented product: Helical gear+ PMS motor

Features of Product:

1High efficiency gear box and high efficiency permanent magnet motor combination, to achieve efficient operation without counterweight;

2、Small motor with light weight can be adapted to small hoistway, OH、pit depth and the utilization rate of shaft achieves the best effect

3、Motor noise control at about 48 dB, 1:1 installation, the real implementation of low noise operation

4、Permanent magnet motor with control cabinet do sealing core processing, lift runs down as speed below 0.1m/s after releasing mechanical or electrical brake.

5、The starting current is higher than the rated current 1A, which has no impact on the home power grid;

6、Overhead type horizontal installation and underneath type vertical installation, meet different layout plan.

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