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Traction rope on a sheave angle
Jan 14, 2016

Angle refers to the traction rope after rope grooves come in contact with the right angle,. Greater the angle, the greater the friction force, namelytowing power increases, improve the safety of elevators. Increased angle ismainly used in two ways, one is adopting 2:1 traction than, bringing theangle to 180 degrees. Another kind is rewind-(α-1+ α-2).

Elevator wire rope harness depends mainly on traction conditions, rated loadand speed, and other factors. It has a variety of. The winding is alsoavailable as a different drive, different winding have different reductionratio, also known as traction, it is run by the elevator sheave pitch linespeeds and the car runs faster than. Around the rope sheave number ofseparable single winding and rewinding, form around the wire rope on asheave bypassed just once, the angle is less than or equal to 180 °, andrewind wire rope on a sheave bypassed twice, the angle is greater than 180°.

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