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Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine structure and working principle
Jan 14, 2016


A PM synchronization tractor, including frame, and stator, and rotor body, and brake,, PM body fixed in rotor body of within wall Shang, rotor body through key installation Yu axis Shang, axis installation in Hou frame Shang of double side sealed deep ditch ball bearing and installation in Qian frame Shang of adjustable heart roll child bearing Shang, tapered axis Shang through key fixed drag introduction round, and gland and the bolt lock tight drag introduction round, axis Hou end installation rotating coding device, plate put stator pressure loaded in Hou frame of stator support Shang, Qian frame through check mouth positioning in Hou frame Shang, Front seat 142 open brake friction through the hole.

Working principle

Synchronous generator in order to achieve energy conversion, need to have a DC current of DC magnetic field and the magnetic field, called the generator field current. Depending on how the field current supply, usually obtained from other power generator excitation current, known as the separately excited generator, generator excitation power of itself, it is called self-excited generator.

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