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Machine installation steps
Jan 14, 2016

(1) when the bearing beam is below the floor of the engine room, generally need to be a larger than the tractor chassis 30mm, 250~300mm thick reinforced concrete base, good base embedded bolts for fixing the machine. In the concrete base below, bearing beam above should GE damping rubber mats, traction machine should be fixed to the concrete base.

Concrete base with tractors fixed together by plate and baffle plate.

(2) when the bearing beam is above the floor of the engine room, steel base with a load-bearing beam tractor chassis can be bolted together, where damping is required, it should be making vibration GE. Specific method is to produce two blocks of same size as the tractor chassis, thick 20mm steel plates, among them GE damping rubber pads. Top plate connected to the traction machine with bolts, the following steel and load-bearing beam welded together. In order to prevent displacement, steel plates and tractor chassis also need the GE Board and bezel, as shown in Figure 1-43.

(3) load-bearing Liang An臵 in 600mm of room above the engine room floor reinforced concrete platform, GE damper and damping rubber pads on the stage, and install the upper and lower plates are connected. Fixed tractors at the plate and pressure plate and baffle plate position.

(4) the calibration of sheave installed bits GE. Fixed a horizontal wire above the tractor from this horizontal wire suspended two vertical alignment on the floor boards of the car center point and the center point, again according to the traction rope sheave pitch diameter is calculated from the Center, and then in the corresponding bits on the horizontal wire GE hang a plumb line. Finally adopted these standards on machine calibrated.

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