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Developing trend of tractor
Jan 14, 2016

In order to solve DC traction motors and pulse "to" problem, some countries are already using thyristor no commutator-type traction motors and three-phase AC inverter-fed traction motors, test driven by linear induction motor and Maglev high-speed vehicles. Thyristor no commutator-type traction motor is a synchronous motor and a set composed of thyristor inverter, thyristor DC traction motor and rotor position sensor instead of a commutator and brush structure. The motor has the advantage of DC motor without difficulty "commutation". But the thyristor and its control system is quite complex, so affect the motor operation and reliability of electronic components. Three-phase AC inverter-fed traction motor structure is simple, reliable, low cost, and is an ideal traction motors. But because of the required frequency, it once was the development and application of limits. 60, the development of high-power thyristor frequency converter induction motor frequency can be achieved. States have had more using three-phase AC inverter-fed traction motor locomotives and motor cars. Federal Germany and Japan using linear induction motor in experimental magnetic levitation high-speed vehicles. Its primary windings laid in the ground guide rail, generated by variable frequency power supply to ground by travelling magnetic field, adjust the frequency of the power supply may change the speed of Maglev high-speed vehicles. The secondary winding is the reaction plate, mounted on the frame of the vehicle. Primary and secondary magnetic field induced current traveling wave interaction, not only produces vehicle forward thrust, but also have a magnetic pull to suspension vehicle, and when braking with braking function.

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