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Belt Breaking Detector

Belt Breaking Detector

Breaking detector include several short circuit knife (decided by traction machine belt’s quantity)、test knife and an individual power source. ...

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Breaking detector installation and application:  

Step 1:Insert one side of belt into No.1 test knife slot which showed in diagram 1 

according to mode of diagram 5,No.1 test knife clip in diagram 1 connects with 

pressure plate No.2 by using screw No.5 in diagram 1, tighten screw to ensure 

gapless between No.1 and No 2.  

Step 2: Insert another side of same belt into No.1 short circuit knife clip slot showed in 

diagram No.2 according to mode of diagram 6, No.1 test knife clip in diagram 2 

connect with pressure plate No 2 by using screw No.3 in diagram 2,tighten screw to 

ensure gapless between No.1 and No 2. 

Step 3: Test whether testing pin A is switched on testing pin B by multimeter. 

Step 4: Repeat step 1, step 2 and step 3 to install other traction belt. Please pay 

attention to the test knife clip should be installed in the same side near to control 

cabinet and short knife clip should be in other side. Clip point from traction belt buckle 

distance should be > 200 mm. 

Step 5: Testing component No.3 in diagram 1 connect with adjacent testing component 

No. 4 sequentially, fore and aft ends is tested with a multimeter (terminal A and 

terminal B) to check whether through 

Step 6: Connection mode of terminal A and terminal B is according to diagram 3 or 

diagram 4. 

Step 7: According to diagram 4 terminal code with testing box and wiring instruction, 

terminal 1 and terminal 2 connect AC220V, terminal 5、terminal 6 connect with 

terminal A and B in diagram 7.Terminal 3 and terminal 4 connect with safety circuit in 

control cabinet. 

FAXI is one of the high quality China belt breaking detector suppliers and manufacturers, and also a professional company and factory, we are able to produce high quality CE certification belt breaking detector, welcome to contact us.

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