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Belt machine apply to passenger elevator


Belt machine apply to home elevator

We are the supplier of professional belt machine,and many accessories are available such as belt &guide pulley&belt clip &belt breaking detect.

Steel belt design scheme,mainstream elevator without no machine room design in the future,saving well size;due to large friction coefficient of steel belt,relieve dead load of lift car,save resources,and also lower top height,reduce pit depth. 

Maintenance-free:there are many high strength steel wire inside the strip,the surface is a polyurethane polymer,without lubrication.

The high lifetime:the life of belt is 2 to 3 times that of traditional wire rope.

The high-effect:belt and wheel contact area is larger, more efficient and energy-saving.

Reduce noise:the friction noise between the belt and the wheel is less. 

As the diameter of the main wheel and each guide wheel of the steel belt decreases, there is no need to change the Angle, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the steel belt and smooth operation.


100-FG series belt machine apply to villa elevator

This type of machine is our company's specialty,originally developed for a large domestic elevator factory in China, it has been widely used in domestic and foreign domestic elevators.

Combine and optimize OTIS-Gen2 and Shindlner-3300AP design plan;top height, pit depth and well utility have reached best effect,which is the optimal solution of traction-type villa elevator;provide steel belt,guide wheel,and strap clamp.


Wire rope machine apply to home elevator


Wire rope machine apply to passenger elevator 

We have developed this kind of machine recently, and it has been sold to domestic and foreign markets in large quantity this year.

High efficiency gear box and high efficiency permanent magnet motor combination, to achieve efficient operation without counterweight;

Small motor with light weight can be adapted to small hoistway, OH、pit depth and the utilization rate of shaft achieves the best effect.

Motor noise control at about 48 dB, 1:1 installation, the real implementation of low noise operation. 

Permanent magnet motor with control cabinet do sealing core processing, lift runs down as speed below 0.1m/s after releasing mechanical or electrical brake. 

The starting current is higher than the rated current 1A, which has no impact on the home power grid;

6、Overhead type horizontal installation and underneath type vertical installation, meet different layout plan.

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