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Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine advantages

Drive system using permanent magnet synchronous gearless. Due to permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction with traditional worm wheel, worm drive tractor has the following advantages:

1, and PM synchronization no tooth tractor is directly drive, no worm, and worm drive Deputy, PM synchronization motor no for asynchronous motor by needed very accounted for place of stator coil, and making pm synchronization motor of main material is high energy density of high left magnetic and high straightening stubborn force of ND iron boron, its gas gap magnetic key General reached 0.75T above, so can do volume small and weight light.

2, high transmission efficiency. As a result of a permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive (no worm gearing) can improve its transmission efficiency 20%~30%.

3, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction in absence of an asynchronous motor when running at high speed bearing of the noise and there is no worm pair contact noise when driving, so noise can be reduced 5~10dB (a).

4, low energy consumption. From working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor excitation is achieved by a permanent magnet, you do not need additional excitation current stator, thus motor power factor can be high (theoretically up to 1). And rotor of permanent magnet synchronous motor without current, rotor wear is not a problem. 45%~60% lower than motor wear. Since there is no worm gear transmission in low efficiency, high energy consumption, further reduce energy consumption.

5, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction because there are no tooth wear and do not need to change the oil on a regular basis, its long service life, and without maintenance. In the near future if the production costs of permanent magnet synchronous motor can be solved as soon as possible, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction will be replaced by worm gear pair of asynchronous motor traction. Of course future superconducting electric power drive technology and application of magnetic drive technique in the elevator.