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    Belt Traction Machine

      • FAXI100 Series

        Contact NowFAXI100 SeriesFAXI100 serie Description of product:(Load):320kg~2000kg(Voltage):220V、380V (IP Code): IP41(Speed):0.4~1.0m/s(Brake Vol): DC110V (INS.Class): F(Roping):2:1 (Static Load):3000kg/5000kg (PolRead More2016-01-14

      • FAXI100-FG Series

        Contact NowFAXI100-FG SeriesFAXI100-FG series Description of product:(Load):320kg~450kg(Voltage):220V、380V (IP Code): IP41 (Speed):0.4~1.0m/s (Brake Vol): DC110V (INS.Class): F (Roping):2:1 (Static Load):3000kg (PolRead More2016-01-14

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